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Elafonisos is part of the district of Peloponnese and more specifically Lakonia. The ferry ride from Pounta, in the mainland, takes approximately 10 minutes, but waiting time to board the ferry must be taken in to consideration, which during the high season might take up to an hour. In case you don't make it to the ferry on time it's not the end of the world. You can park your car and cross using a taxi-boat

What's the best way to get to Elafonisos from the Athens or Kalamata airport?

We usually suggest renting a car from the airport and dropping it off at the same station before your departure. The advantages are that you will be traveling in comfort, in your own schedules and you will have more freedom while on the island to drive around and explore different beaches or even nearby areas of interest. The trade-off is the cost, but you save a lot of time from waiting for other means of transportation, connections etc.



Eleftherios Venizelos Athens International Airport

Attiki Odos, Spata Artemida 190 04, Greece

Follow E94 and A7 to EO Tripolis Spartis in Tripoli. Take the exit toward Tegea/Sparti from A7
1 h 47 min (190 km)
Take E961, EO Spartis Githiou/EO39, Epar.Od. Krokeon-Dafnis, EO Monemvasias Krokeon, ... and Epar.Od. Velion-Neapolis to Ελαφόνησος - Πούντα
2 h 34 min (165 km)
Take the Elafonisos - Pounda (or Pounta) ferry (Ferry Schedules - 1st Table for Weekdays, 2nd Table for Saturdays, 3rd Table for Sundays. On every table 1st column FROM Elafonisos TO Pounta, 2nd column FROM Pounta TO Elafonisos)
25 min (1.7 km)
Drive to Double Bay Beach Hotel
7 min (3.9 km)
Unnamed Road,, Elafonisos 230 53, Greece

You can click on the map above to get specific directions if you are driving from a different location.



Kalamata International Airport
Greece, Kalamata, Greece
Get on A/D Tripoleos Kalamatas/A7/E65 from Ενωτική Α7 ΕΟ7 ΕΟ82
4 min (3.0 km)
Follow A/D Tripoleos Kalamatas/A7/E65, A71 and EO39 to Epar.Od. Krokeon-Dafnis in Krokees. Exit from EO Spartis Githiou/EO39
1 h 9 min (106 km)
Continue on Epar.Od. Krokeon-Dafnis. Take EO Monemvasias Krokeon, Epar.Od. Molaon-Plitron, Epar.Od. Elaias-Daimonias and Epar.Od. Velion-Neapolis to Ελαφόνησος - Πούντα
1 h 32 min (91.8 km)
Take the Elafonisos - Pounda (or Pounta) ferry [Ferry Schedules]
25 min (1.7 km)
Drive to Double Bay Beach Hotel
7 min (3.9 km)
Unnamed Road,, Elafonisos 230 53, Greece

Useful telephone numbers:
Port Authority
+30 27340 22228
Ferry Company "Elafonisos NE"
+30 27340 61122 / Mobile: +30 695 537 6756
Ferry Company "Katonisi Elafonisos NE"
+30 27340 61061 / Mobile: +30 697 200 8093
Sea TAXI boat (caique)
+30 697 682 7296 / +30 694 478 6795
KTEL Lakonias Coach service to/from Neapoli/Sparti/Athens
Athens office: +30 210 512 4913 / Neapoli office: +30 27340 23222
Tsegas bike / bicycle rentals
+30 27340 623777 / Mobile: +30 698 122 8633